Welcome, to the legacy of excellence in textiles by Mr. Muhammad Haleem

We are a visionary textile company with a rich history spanning over five decades. With a name that resonates with tradition and innovation, we have been at the forefront of the textile industry, consistently delivering quality textile products that stand the test of time.

It’s our pride that “BABA (the father) Muhammad Tufail” makes the first Textile Working glove in Faisalabad Pakistan. Many of the well-known textile company like Shahbaz Garments, Kay Sons International, Shahzad Gloving Company and much more are planted by Baba Muhammad Tufail.

Our company has been a pioneering force in the world of textiles for over 50 years. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a passion for creating textile products that capture the essence of elegance and comfort, we have evolved into a name synonymous with trust and expertise.

Our extensive range of textiles shows the breadth of our expertise. These are Textile work wear, Gloves, Jackets, Trousers, T-shirt, Polo shirt, Chef jacket, Trousers, Caps, Hospital textiles, Scrubs, Gowns, Uniform, Corporate and Army, Kitchen gloves, Mitt and Pot holders, Cotton shopping bag. Woven and Non-woven shopping bags.

From humble beginnings, our journey has been marked by innovation and perseverance, we have not only embraced traditional techniques but also integrated modern technologies to elevate our creations to new heights.

At Pioneer Textiles, we believe that our success is deeply rooted in our commitment to our customers. With each passing years, all while maintaining the core values that have been the foundation of our journey is integrity, innovation, and excellence.

Join us, as we continue to explore new horizons, set new standards, and craft textiles that inspire and endure. Pioneer Textiles – where tradition meets innovation, and where the art in textiles tells a story that lasts a lifetime.

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